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By Sven, Seeing Eye Dog Handler of the late Leo

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Photo of white Golden Retriever Seeing Eye Dog Leo in his blue and white harness being patted by young Julian under the reassuring gaze of his father, Sven. Sven is holding Leo's lead while the harness handle lies on Leo's back. Young Julian is in a light blue knitted jumper and a particularly cute light blue beanie.

Sydney, NSW, March 2019.

Leo was an unusual dog who was more aware of the whole family, rather than just me as the Blind user. He adapted quickly also learning I was Deaf and how to gain my attention. He was a large boy and always the centre of attention for visitors (a chick magnet). He would also lie for hours in a corner if needed out of the way of everyone. He travelled extensively including within Australia and overseas to Europe managing a 13-hour flight from Tokyo to Paris, refusing to go to the bathroom until we reached grass! In his final years, during his retirement, Leo got to enjoy a second puppy hood while acting as emotional support for someone who dearly needed and enjoyed his company. Leo will be sadly missed by us and many others. He'll also be fondly remembered by all of us too.

Leo was put down today (Thursday 5th December) aged 12.