Step yourself through the travel process with our Checklists

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TravelPaws recognises that following the Travel Rules is a cumbersome process and it can be easy to get lost. Handlers can use our Checklists to keep on track.

We also know that travel experiences are far more enjoyable when Handlers are respected and their needs are considered at every stage, from making plans through to travel itself. To this end, we encourage those in the tourism sector to use our Checklists to better ensure positive experiences for Handlers.


Checklists for Preparation and Travel are our recommendations for Handlers navigating the involved process of travelling. We have also put together Checklists for those working in the tourism sector to guide them in facilitating efficient planning processes and enjoyable holidays for Handlers.

Have you read the Introduction to Travel Rules first?

Preparations Phase

A row of old-fashioned suitcases looking well-worn from much travelling. They are adorned with travel stamps from many destinations.

These are the steps of the Preparations Phase:

Travelling Phase

A commercial passenger aircraft sits on the tarmac at night ready for take-off. The runway is lit up with bright lights showing the path.

These are the steps of the Travelling Phase:

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Tourism Sector Checklists

Guide Dog Nixon, a golden Labrador, stands with his Handler, Nina Smith (TravelPaws Founder and Director), at the water’s edge of a beach. Nixon, wearing his identifying harness, is looking out toward the ocean at a ferry in the distance. Nina is visible only by her black leggings and the bottom of her blue coat.

These are the key areas that are important to a Handler on holiday:

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A letter from the TravelPaws Founder

I travelled with my Guide Dog Nixon, from Melbourne, Australia to Japan in 2019. This was our first international trip together.

I was very lucky with Nixon as he was a good traveller. Dear Walter (my first Seeing Eye Dog) struggled!

We were in Japan for three weeks and did quite a bit of touring. I am sure your dog will find your travel experience fascinating but tiring too, so allow them down time as needed. Nixon needed breaks occasionally.

I recommend taking duplicate copies of all your documentation or at least being able to access these documents at any given time. Just like you would take a copy of your passport and itinerary, it provides peace of mind.

My preparation was extensive and only through checking every box was I able to fully understand what I needed to do. It helped my trip run smoothly and I had the perfect vacation.

Of course, I learnt a lot along the way too.

Nina Smith
Founder & Director, TravelPaws.