Preparation Phase

Checking your obligations

Time to read: Approximately 2 minutes

Understanding the Travel Rules is a paramount process that needs close attention. Every home country has their own process as well as your destination country. These Check Lists may feel a bit daunting but plenty of us have done this so join our TravelPaws Facebook group to chat further.

Preparations phase
  • Does your Assistance Dog meet the Eligibility Criteria at home and at your destinations?
  • Is your destinations/are your countries approved according to your home country's Animal Quarantine Authority?
  • Will your trip be impacted by any current events?
  • Ask your veterinarian to check your dog has been microchipped to international standards before he/she is vaccinated against Rabies
  • Ensure rabies vaccination and blood test meet specifications and timeframes of home and destination Animal Quarantine Authority
  • Is my Rabies vaccination and Rabies tests (including RNAT if required) valid for the trip and at least 1 month longer in case of delay e.g. Covid-19 quarantine?
  • What are the processes for bringing and taking dogs out of all countries?
  • Have I spoken to each country? Not just relied on web information - because your Travel Rules will be unique to your circumstances
  • Have I communicated my entire trip schedule to all Authorities?
  • What is the recommended time line for obtaining all documentation and approval?
  • Does my destination country have a list of acceptable ports of entry for Assistance Dogs?
  • Am I aware of the total additional veterinary costs for this trip? Whilst permits are usually free, other costs add up. Can I afford these:
    • Rabies vaccine
    • Veterinarian handling fee for RNAT pathology
    • RNAT test
    • Pre-trip veterinarian visit
    • Treatments
    • Overseas veterinarian visits
    • Post quarantine isolation veterinarian visit
  • Have I confirmed that the Animal Quarantine Authorities can meet my flight/cruise at each port of arrival before I book?
  • Have I fulfilled all Travel Rules?
  • Have I checked and double checked all paperwork (including that provided by my veterinarian), as mistakes will not be tolerated?
  • Don't forget to confirm that all Animal Quarantine Authorities can meet your arrival and departure time BEFORE you book
  • If possible, try to organise your trip to have no repeat border crossings, as each crossing will cost you time and money (consider transfer processes too)
  • Have I spoken to the airlines/cruise lines about their requirements?

Further Tips

  • Pack 2 copies of all necessary paperwork (always keep one yourself)
  • Keep up to date with any potential show stopping issues such as disease outbreaks

These are the steps of the Preparation Phase:

Have you read the Introduction to Travel Rules first?