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Assistance Dog Interaction Principles

Time to read: Approximately < 1 minute

Assistance Dogs play a vital role in the everyday lives of their Handlers. Their work should not be interfered with. As such, when interacting with an Assistance Dog it is important to keep the following principles in mind.

Guide Dog Nixon, a golden Labrador, stands with his Handler, Nina Smith (TravelPaws Founder and Director), at the water’s edge of a beach. Nixon, wearing his identifying harness, is looking out toward the ocean at a ferry in the distance. Nina is visible only by her black leggings and the bottom of her blue coat.

When interacting with a Handler, be sure that you:

  • Do not pat the Assistance Dog.
  • Do not address the Assistance Dog.
  • Do not talk to or make noises at the Assistance Dog.
  • Do not feed the Assistance Dog.
  • Do not ask questions about the Assistance Dog.
  • Do not touch the lead or harness in any way without the permission of the Handler.
  • Do not intervene to encourage the Assistance Dog if you assume the Handler or Assistance Dog are struggling. Instead, ask the Handler if they need assistance.
  • Do not walk on the same side as the Assistance Dog, as this impedes their activity.

These are the key areas that are important to a Handler on holidays:

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