Preparation Phase

Dog Care Instructions

Time to read: Approximately 2 minutes

In the event that your Assistance Dog cannot travel with you (eg. short notice travel or emergency) and has to be left in the care of another, be sure to provide this person with the information they need to look after your dog and stick to his/her routines. It is helpful to have this information pre-prepared so that it is readily available to hand over.

Preparations phase

Be sure to take the time to make your Assistance Dog care instructions comprehensive. Here's some information to consider including;

  • Your current contact details.
  •  The name and contact details of your veterinarian, and any person you would want contacted if your dog requires emergency treatment. Additionally, you may want to provide instructions on managing the emergency care of your dog in case you are not contactable (ie. would you want them to agree to any treatment necessary?).
  •  The name and contact details of your dog's trainer or school in case advice is needed.
  •  Toileting instructions. What is your dog's toileting command? What is your dog's usual toileting schedule?
  •  Meal time instructions. When does your dog eat? What do they eat and how much? Is there anything you don't want them to have?
  •  Sleep time instructions. What is your dog's usual sleep routine? Where do they sleep?
  •  Travel instructions. What should they do with your dog in the car?
  •  Exercise and play instructions. What are your dogs favourite toys and games? Should they take your dog on walks? For how long? What should they take with them (ie. water and bowl)?

Further Tips

  • Consider having both a hard-copy and soft-copy of your care document. Depending on the situation, it may be your preference to either send an email or hand over the document in person.

These are the steps of the Preparation Phase: