Our story

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I am Nina and I have travelled overseas and domestically most of my life.  This is my Guide Dog Nixon. I now need Nixon to be my eyes in order to travel safely in the world.

I have travelled to Japan many times. It was my second home as I studied, lived and worked there for many years.  In 2019, I decided that I would once again return to Japan but for the first time, with my Assistance Dog. It took me almost 6 months to go through the legal hoops before I could. Not only did I have to muddle through Australia's regulations, there were the Japanese ones too. There was so much paperwork. It was confusing, bureaucratic, intimidating and long -oh so long. I nearly gave up. It was all too hard!

I searched high and low for Assistance Dog travel information but there was none. I felt very alone.

But, I came home, documented my learnings and started TravelPaws so that no other Handler had to be alone in their travels.

Nina Smith
Founder & Director, TravelPaws.

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Nina Smith, Founder and Director, TravelPaws sharing a peaceful moment in the park with her Guide Dog Nixon.