Our story

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I am Nina and I have travelled overseas and domestically most of my life.  This is my Guide Dog Nixon. I now need Nixon to be my eyes in order to travel safely in the world.

I have travelled to Japan many times. It was my second home as I studied, lived and worked there for many years.  In 2019, I decided that I would once again return to Japan but for the first time, with my Assistance Dog. It took me almost 6 months to go through the legal hoops before I could. Not only did I have to muddle through Australia's regulations, there were the Japanese ones too. There was so much paperwork. It was confusing, bureaucratic, intimidating and long -oh so long. I nearly gave up. It was all too hard!

I searched high and low for Assistance Dog travel information but there was none. I felt very alone.

But, I came home, documented my learnings and started TravelPaws so that no other Handler had to be alone in their travels. And that is whether it is travel domestically or overseas.

Nina Smith
Founder & Director, TravelPaws.

Nina Smith, TravelPaws Founder & Director, stands in front of a 5-story pagoda in Tokyo wearing a black pinafore over a pink and black spotty top. Still looking at the camera, she leans down slightly to be closer to Assistance Dog Nixon, a golden Labrador, who stands beside her wearing his identifying harness.