United Kingdom

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The Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) is the Responsible Authority for the entry of dogs to the UK.

There are no separate Assistance Dog Travel Rules for the UK. Follow the Standard (pet) Dog links provided.

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View across the Thames River overlooking West Minster Bridge and Big Ben, dramatically set against subtle pink skies at dusk. West Minster Bridge displays a row of twinkling lights.

Contact the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA)

Be prepared

  • Confirm any specific requirements with all Responsible Authorities before booking your trip. This includes both entering/leaving any country and all airline/cruise line requirements.
  • The Travel Process can take several months so leave plenty of planning time for your trip (except for valid EU Pet Passport travel).

Travel Rules for Standard (pet) Dogs

These links detail the process for Standard (pet) Dogs, which Assistance Dogs must also follow. Visiting these links will open another website.

Bringing all dogs into the UK

The process for bringing all dogs into the UK.

Taking all dogs out of the UK

The process for taking all dogs out of the UK.

Miscellaneous Information

Extra information that is specific to the region or country.

Northern Ireland Travel Rules

Northern Ireland has its own Travel Rules in addition to those set for the whole of the UK.

UK Government certified veterinarians

A list of certified veterinarians able to provide export health certificates.

British Public Access Laws

Requirements and rights covering Assistance Dogs and their Handlers.

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A spectacular display of the Aurora, lighting the night skies in curtains of blues and greens over an ice field.
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