Travelling Phase

On Arrival

Time to read: Approximately < 1 minute

Depending on how long it has taken to reach your destination, you may want to wait till you reach your hotel/accommodation before feeding your dog. Particularly if you know they will have toileting needs shortly after feeding.

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  • Feed them on board if you can’t take meat products through customs
  • Consider feeding your dog at your hotel if you think they will be more comfortable - ask your instructor
  • Have an absorbent pad and deodorised garbage bag at the ready the other end of the flight just in case of toileting accident
  • Give your dog an opportunity to toilet as soon as you arrive (bring your toileting harness if you have one and poo bag)
  • Be prepared for a tired puppy at the end of the trip

Further Tips

  • Ask your instructor to train your dog to urinate on an absorbent mat in the disabled toilet -it will make travelling so much easier