Travel Impacts:
Coronavirus Advice & Information

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TravelPaws recommends you speak with all Animal Quarantine Authorities for your trip regarding any remaining travel implications due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

For example, here is the CDC Covid-19 information for travelers.

Should you require exemptions, please speak directly with the
Animal Quarantine Authority in advance.

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The following are quotes and links to various Animal Quarantine Authorities regarding keeping you and your Assistance Dog safe from the coronavirus that causes COVID-19. Visit the links provided for more detailed advice.

United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

If you have a service or therapy animal, follow your local guidance for acceptable business and social practices. Consider local levels of COVID-19 transmission when evaluating the risk to yourself, your animal, and the people you might come into contact with.

Last Reviewed: June 2020 > Coronavirus > Animals > Handlers of Service and Therapy Animals

"The risk of animals spreading SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, to people is low. The virus can spread from people to animals during close contact."

Last reviewed: April 2023 > Coronavirus > Animals

Australian Department of Agriculture

Take precautionary measures to look after yourself and your animals. Follow good hygiene and biosecurity practices. These practices assist with COVID-19 and beyond. Make sure to follow the directions given by human and animal health authorities in your state or territory.

Last Reviewed: August 2022 > Coronavirus > Animals

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