Travelling Phase

During Travel

Time to read: Approximately 2 minutes

Keeping your dog well-groomed during your time away is important for hygiene requirements but also for their overall health.

Travelling phase
  • Carry all necessary identification with you and your Emergency Dog Kit
  • Have a portable drinking/feeding bowl with you and water/food if necessary (consider whether the water is safe to drink)
  • What will I do with toileting waste?
  • Have I considered any dangers e.g. baiting? stray dogs?
  • Is there a central Veterinarian for emergencies (ideally this should be the same veterinarian for all your required health checks overseas)?
  • Have I contacted and received confirmation from the Veterinarian who will perform the export health checks?
  • Have I considered the conditions my dog will be subject to such as hot pavements or icy roads? Are boots, cooling vest or a winter or life jacket necessary?
  • Have I got a copy of the local Accessibility Laws if in doubt?
  • Have I checked and double checked all veterinary paperwork as mistakes will not be tolerated
  • Have I kept all paperwork to bring my dog back home?

Further Tips

  • Have patience. Your dog may be new to the environment and need time to get used to their surroundings
  • Travelling can be tiring for all. Be prepared that your dog might require extra breaks

These are the steps of the Travelling Phase:

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