Who TravelPaws is and what we do

Time to read: Approximately 2 minutes

We are not a company, we are a group of passionate people who create an experience of TRAVEL WITHOUT BARRIERS for people with an Assistance Dog.

Image description below
Guide Dog Nixon, looking curiously at the camera. He is always watching! Nixon, a golden Labrador stares intently into the camera, as he lies in harness next to his Handler, Nina Smith (TravelPaws Founder & Director). Nina is visible only by blue sneakers and the hemline of her white skirt.

A personal message from the TravelPaws team to all Assistance Dog Handlers:

We created TravelPaws for a reason. The reason is you. We know the preparation involved to travel with your dog overseas is complex, unclear and time consuming. We are determined to help you through the maze.

How do we do this? Firstly, we gather your thoughts, your experience and your issues. Then we put all our heads together. Research is our priority. We confirm with the appropriate authorities that all the information we have is up to date and accurate. Our next step is to reduce all this information into a clear step by step guide. This proceeds to presenting information to you in an accessible and easy to understand form.

Secondly we know that even with domestic travel there are some barriers to overcome. Maybe there are confusing airline policies, packing items you need to consider, activities to keep your dog engaged while in the confines of your travel accommodation.

Wherever you travel, we are here to help you fulfil Travel Without Barriers.


Our community needs TravelPaws and its volunteers. TravelPaws needs your donations to enable us to continue. You can donate to us on GoFundMe

Image description below
Guide Dog Nixon, looking dapper in his TravelPaws bandana. He has accessories too! Nixon, a golden Labrador sits looking into the camera. He wears a black bandana around his neck adorning the image of the TravelPaws logo: a picture of an Assistance Dog sitting next to a suitcase. Under the image, is the brand name ‘TravelPaws’.