Travelling Phase


Time to read: Approximately < 1 minute

Many travellers have not seen a dog on board before and may see it as a novelty.

Travelling phase
  • Give your dog a treat on take-off and landing to balance their ears if they are looking unsettled.
  • Avoid salty food throughout the journey as this makes them thirsty and increases their need to urinate
  • If your dog stands up at any stage, encourage them to lie - be firm but nice (pandering to their anxiety, only reinforces it)

Further Tips

  • If your dog is anxious, you could try distracting them with a game that involves incentives for them!
  • For long haul flights, give your dog ice cubes rather than water to hydrate them (decreases their chance of needing to toilet when compared to water)

These are the steps of the Travelling Phase:

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