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For Handlers, an important aspect of travel is having a place to stay that is comfortable and meets their needs. We have compiled a list of things accommodation providers can do to aid Handlers in the booking process, and to ensure they have an enjoyable stay.

Guide Dog Nixon, a golden Labrador, stands with his Handler, Nina Smith (TravelPaws Founder and Director), at the water’s edge of a beach. Nixon, wearing his identifying harness, is looking out toward the ocean at a ferry in the distance. Nina is visible only by her black leggings and the bottom of her blue coat.

Accommodation that can make a huge difference to a Handler includes those that:

  • Let the Handler know upfront whether they are pet friendly. Whilst some Handlers may feel more comfortable in these venues, pets involve more distractions for a Handler to manage and are therefore not a preference for many. The important thing is not to make any assumptions- give the Handler the information and let them decide what is best for them and their Assistance Dog.
  • Provide a room with easy access to safe night-time toileting.
  • Confirm in writing that the booking includes an Assistance Dog.
  • Have staff available at check in to orient Handlers to their room and to amenities including the grass toileting spot and Wi-Fi.
  • Have a 24-hour emergency phone number to ring.

These are the key areas that are important to a Handler on holidays:

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