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The Hawaii Dept. of Agriculture-Division of Animal Ind. is the Responsible Authority for the entry of dogs to Hawaii.

For Hawaii, read both the Assistance Dog and Standard (pet) Dog Travel Rules provided. For any contradictions, clarify with the Responsible Authority.

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We have listed Hawaii separately from the United States because of its popularity.

If your flight includes a connection in the continental United States, consider this as your entry into the United States. This will also involve extra Travel Rules.

Contact the Hawaii Dept. of Agriculture-Division of Animal Ind.

Be prepared

  • Confirm any specific requirements with all Responsible Authorities before booking your trip. This includes both entering/leaving any country and all airline/cruise line requirements.
  • The Travel Process can take several months so leave plenty of planning time for your trip (except for valid EU Pet Passport travel).

Travel Rules for Assistance Dogs

The links below detail concerns specific to Assistance Dogs. Visiting these links will open another website.

Assistance Dog Eligibility Criteria

There is no standard that all countries follow for recognising Assistance Dogs. Check whether your dog qualifies.

Bringing Assistance Dogs into Hawaii

The process for bringing a recognised Assistance Dog into Hawaii.

Travel Rules for Standard (pet) Dogs

These links detail the process for Standard (pet) Dogs, which Assistance Dogs may still need to follow. Visiting these links will open another website.

Bringing all dogs into Hawaii

The process for bringing all dogs into Hawaii.

Taking all dogs out of Hawaii

The process for taking all dogs out of Hawaii.

Miscellaneous Information

Extra information that is specific to the region or country.

Bringing all dogs into the United States

Travel Rules for bringing all dogs (“General Dogs”) into the United States.

Service Dogs on United States flights

The US Department of Transportation has updated its definition and process for Service Animals on United States flights.

Hawaiian Public Access Laws

Requirements and rights covering Assistance Dogs and their Handlers.

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