Travel Impacts:
Brexit Advice & Information

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The UK's exit from the European Union has brought about significant changes to the recognition of Pet Passports and hence the Travel Rules in this region.

Since 1st January 2021, Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales), including the Channel Islands and Isle of Man, has become a Part 2 listed third country under the EU Pet Travel Scheme.

Pet passports issued in Great Britain are no longer recognised by EU-member countries or Northern Ireland. So if you are from this part of the world, you will need to follow a different procedure to take your dog from England, Scotland and Wales to the EU or Northern Ireland. This means regrettably, additional documentation, health preparations and checks, every time you travel.  Here is a list of certified veterinarians in England, Scotland and Wales able to provide export health certificates.

Pet passports issued in Northern Ireland are also no longer valid. However, Authorities here are allowing an interim measure as long as you make changes to your pet passport by contacting your Northern Ireland veterinarian.

Full compliance checks will be in place from 1 October 2021. When processes have been finalised, the relevant Authority’s website will be updated. A Frequently Asked Questions page on the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA) website in Northern Ireland may shed some light on this complex process. A new style UK (Northern Ireland) branded EU Pet Passport will be available shortly and these will be distributed to veterinary practices.

Regardless of these changes, TravelPaws recommends that you still travel with your pet passport for its information.

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We both want the freedom of movement to return for all Handlers in this part of the world.

Travel Rules between countries

In the hope of simplifying the maze, we have linked below the new Travel Rules between:

  • Great Britain and Europe
  • Great Britain and Northern Ireland
  • Northern Ireland and Europe

Between Great Britain and Europe

Travel Rules from Great Britain to EU - GOV.UK perspective

Travel Rules from Great Britain to EU  - Europa.EU perspective

Between Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Travel Rules from Great Britain to Northern Ireland - GOV.UK perspective

Travel rules from Northern Ireland to Great Britain – DAERA perspective

Between Northern Ireland and Europe

Travel rules from Northern Ireland to EU (including Republic of Ireland) – DAERA perspective


It may also be helpful to know the following companies which are registered by the Authorities to transport Assistance Dogs back to Great Britain.